Men's healing work

Men in Relationships  (6 Video Series)

The subjects addressed in this series are:

  1. Introduction of Our Work
  2. The Wounded Boy
  3. The Ordeal
  4. The Adolescent Adult
  5. What Is a Man?
  6. The Elders

A video series presenting  the topic Men in Relationships as part of the work we do.

Men's healing work: THE VALUE OF ORDEAL

Healing the Boy, Strengthening the Man

Richard and Tom discuss a Rumi poem that highlights the reluctance to enter an ordeal and the value of it for honing a man into maturity and full potential.  Healing The Boy, Strengthening The Man Retreats help to explore this process.

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Men's Healing Work


Men's healing work: finding the gift in failure

Healing the Boy, Strengthening the Man

Failure is often the door a man walks through to begin his Men's Healing Work.  It is an opening rather than an ending or final judgment.

Men's healing work: retreat march 15-17, 2019

True Belonging: Men Around the Bonfire

A description of what men say about their experiences at our retreats.  
We invite you to join us for our upcoming retreat at Camp Whittier in Santa Barbara, California.

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"Within each man lives a boy - in part wide-eyed and adventurous and in part wounded and confused.  Tom and Richard help men both honor this boy and also to grow into stronger, more conscious men.

I wish that every man could have the opportunity to engage in and do this work - the world would be a far saner place.  Their work has made a difference in my life; it has made me a better father, lover, friend and citizen."

​~Andrew, Retreat Participant