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Men's Healing Work



A Men's Retreat on Authentic Masculinity

February 24-26, 2017

Camp Whittier, CA

Click on the link above for information and registration.

If you have questions, Call Tom McGee, 805-648-5574 or Richard Palmer, 805-428-0393

"The retreat provides an opportunity to seek out and recognize the wounded boy in all of us.  He has been guiding our actions for decades, even without our knowledge.  We then have the ability to use our adult male energy to embrace and comfort this boy.  This meeting of boy and man opens the door for replacement of boyish responses to life with positive adult energy, in all aspects of our lives.  It further allows us to reconnect with the passion for life and our world integral to the child's view."
~Dave C., Retreat Participant

"Once again thank you so much for a memorable experience.  The healing, the strengthening came like a whisper, then built increasingly until isolation and separateness disappeared and union of hearts and minds became the reality for all of us.  May your work continue, grow and flourish ..."
~Nick F., Retreat Participant

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